Delta Diplomacy Change

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Delta Diplomacy Change

Postby Ruder » Sun 08 Jul, 2012 04:41

Today, after talking to Ephesians, I have given notice to CFF, NeM and GRITS that effective 31-Aug-2012 23:59:59 Server Time that FLEET is removing itself from the alliance and dropping its Alliance and NAP status with them.

FLEET will continue to have a NAP with GOMN and SEALS.

We had a great time working with CFF, NeM and GRITS over the past couple years! Unfortunately AE is just no fun with everyone on the same side ;)

So good luck and have fun everyone!!!

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Re: Delta Diplomacy Change

Postby Ephesians » Sun 08 Jul, 2012 18:54

It was agreed upon from the beginning that CFF and FLEET were allied for the common goal of taking down AYAYA and SIM. Now since that is no longer on the table. Ruder and I have mutually agreed to end the alliance between CFF and FLEET on friendly terms.

CFF will be dropping pacts with FLEET and SEALs.

Nem and GRITS will remain NAP status.

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Re: Delta Diplomacy Change

Postby Hector Comeatcha » Tue 10 Jul, 2012 04:42

Please take note that SEALs are not into the club scene.

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