Delta Players Take Ownership

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Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby Tehedra » Fri 10 May, 2013 00:01

The past couple threads have been about ideas on how to bring more excitement into Delta, how to get rid of the stagnant feeling and how to get people more interested in playing. Many have talked about rules such as always declaring war; being more open on the forums and using the forums to get discussion going. They have all mentioned that it is up to the leaders of these guilds to do something.

Which is true; the leaders of the guilds could definitely do something to help the servers; they could drop pacts between the top 5 guilds and start fighting each other more. They could make rules that will not allow farming of the smaller guilds to allow those guilds to grow and gain interest; even perhaps help them to get more players back into the server. This may work but it is difficult due to Egos and worries of losing control and superiority.

But I do not believe it is up to the Leaders of the current guilds to create change; no. Change will be created by the new leaders; the leaders who once were and the leaders who have never been. The leaders in the guilds who are currently just peons or members; maybe they hold rank but do not hold GM spot. If you are someone who can lead; or someone who wants something different it is up to YOU to make it happen.

The players who can be leaders; and the players who want something different in NeM; GOMN; CFF; FLEET; GRITS; GN it is up to you to make change. You are not bound to the guild you are in; you are not going to lose friendships over being in seperate guilds. The leaders to be; you need to form your own guilds and take the reigns. The leaders who once were need to become the leaders they use to be.

These new guilds need to forge new alliances; break from the old alliances the old NAPS the old plague that has taken over this server. Create some excitement. This is what I believe can create change; and this is the challenge that I put to those of you who really wish to see a difference.

I'll take the first leap into the fire, I was an old leader and I had retired from this game but I am willing to come back to see through with change. I'll take the first step in sacrificing my fleet, my 1s and 0s and I am willing to forge new alliances, make new friends. While still enjoying my old friends, and understanding that just because they may be on the other side of the fence doesn't mean we must be enemies. To those interested I will welcome anyone into Zephyr old friends and new. For those who wish to lead if you need a home to get members together, than use us as your gate. I am willing to help, from what I hear the players want it to happen.

Like politics though; if you don't get out to vote you don't have any control on the out come. If you are waiting for someone to make the first move; than the move may never happen. I have chosen my move; will you now choose yours?


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Re: Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby Face Rimmer » Fri 10 May, 2013 09:01

I tip my hat to you Tehedra sir! Great to see you back. You have our full support where ever your new players come from, whether they be from NeM, CFF or GOMN or FLEET we wish you all the best.

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Re: Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby Unclean » Sun 12 May, 2013 19:49

good post.

the question is do we have enough people left on DELTA who have (i) the time and (ii) the ability to lead a guild.

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Re: Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby iNTER » Sun 12 May, 2013 20:05

I'm sure there are plenty. They just need a reason to start caring again.

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Re: Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby SLYTHIS » Sun 12 May, 2013 20:07

I have always thought small guilds and less pacts were the way to go

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Re: Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby Evil Wabbit » Tue 14 May, 2013 05:13

I for one would be willing to start and run a new guild if we get enough people wanting to do such.

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Re: Delta Players Take Ownership

Postby Bourne Ultimatum » Thu 30 May, 2013 19:25

Iv Started SAD for the same purpose.
If anyone care to join its open. No ties no nothing, just a clean start.
I dont think players have much to lose at this point. Lets mix it up a little.
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