Hats off to CFF and GRITS!

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Hats off to CFF and GRITS!

Postby Face Rimmer » Thu 15 Aug, 2013 09:10

Well played guys that was a very good launch! You had us worried for a while there. The decoy move to 28 to scatter our fleets could of worked a little better, instead it just pushed some of your active players away from the action.

None the less we tip our hats at you for putting something together......much respect!

Oh and well played NeM......... for being NeM
Whoooooo!!! GO NeM!

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Re: Hats off to CFF and GRITS!

Postby Gorgutz » Thu 15 Aug, 2013 18:08

Krull getting shot was pretty epic too.

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Re: Hats off to CFF and GRITS!

Postby Createure » Thu 15 Aug, 2013 19:32

I wonder if CFF+GRITS combined expected to launch at GOMN and GOMN not to ask for some backup? :roll:

In fact I don't think GOMN even had to ask for help, FLEET just wanted to get in on the action - and fair play to them - shame it didn't turn into the battle we all hoped for.

Were CFF+GRITS unanimous in desiring a hasty retreat or was this just Eph losing his nerve? :paranoid:

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Re: Hats off to CFF and GRITS!

Postby Unclean » Fri 16 Aug, 2013 12:56

Hats off to GRITS and CFF for launching. Hmmmm.

Is it hats off for recalling too?

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