Dont trust a NAP with Fleet

Lord SSS
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Dont trust a NAP with Fleet

Postby Lord SSS » Thu 17 Sep, 2015 23:13

After i withdraw from the Fleet guild due to some issues there they wanted me to give they my fleet for recycling.This due as i said to the players writing me from Fleet that i would go Indy for a while or delete the account. Without writing names here i guess AE anyway can see the post in the inbox in my deleted account if they want.

Anyway they send scout to my base and their leader wrote me

جهادEvIl♡KlOwNجهاد Neu|rotic Quote Sep 16 2015, 23:38:08
Triple S has a Nap for 48hrs. Lets give him some time to gather troops and move on.

as i trusted this i didnt move out my fleet as planned as i got a NAP and would gather all my fleet before sending, 8 hours later my fleet was killed by the same person that gave me NAP.

So please other guilds or players, dont trust a NAP with Fleet

I allways wanted Fleet to win the upcoming battle between CFF and Fleet, but now....Please CFF kick some *beep* as Fleet dosnt stand for Honour

thats all, i quit Delta and AE, but i hope other can learn from this.

Have a nice time playing AE from now and into the future


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Re: Dont trust a NAP with Fleet

Postby Kattu » Fri 25 Sep, 2015 20:25

I have to disagree with your Post Triple S .

You did get the NAP , but since you were going to delete your account , why let all your work go to waste ?

Or even worst our enemies ending up derbing your fleet .

You were part of the family and decided to drop out cus of a stupid comment , just one of us messing about with no real meaning to his words , you over reacted big time just cus 1 of us said your fleet had to many colours .

Your replies were much worst and offensive , our player had more reasons to be pi$$ed with you then you with him lol .

We all have our different ways and bad days . Your words have no real meaning .

If I saw FLEET behaving with no principals and with no word to be trusted I would drop out asap .

I don't belong with pricks with no word , but that's not the case .

Good luck mate and think before you over react . Specially when your drunk .

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Re: Dont trust a NAP with Fleet

Postby EAS AGAMEMNON » Fri 25 Sep, 2015 20:32

they don't care your offer NAP, Astro Empires Cult! It is true.

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Re: Dont trust a NAP with Fleet

Postby Createure » Fri 09 Oct, 2015 17:29

I applaud you for posting on the forum. Long time since we had any keyboard warriors in here. :D

That is about the only thing I applaud with regard to your situation though.

Hey you weren't kicked from the guild. You abandoned us of your own free-will. It's a sad sad situation... but hey, I'm sure we'll get over it and move on. :cry:

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