WMD's Delta Retirement

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Re: WMD's Delta Retirement

Postby DarknessWarrior » Thu 26 Aug, 2010 03:03

Mr. W1z4rd wrote:The guild started to die with Tinrib's exit and died when TDF gave the guild to TJ/Eyezer/JD.
i hate it but i'll have to agree. Tinrib had somewhat of a difficult temper but he always kept the guild together and with the banks full, same for TDF. Eyezer is a good leader, but he always had more of a passive role, while tinrib had the active role. Then, along with the absence of kesterlath, WMD became a lot inactive, even with people like JD and others organizing small ops, there was never a guild-wide war again.

Hopefully this change will bring more active people to organize stuff.

Only time will tell.

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Re: WMD's Delta Retirement

Postby Adreno » Sun 29 Aug, 2010 17:06

actually wmd died when i died.. :D i was the only one doing something last couple of months :scared:

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Re: WMD's Delta Retirement

Postby Aliens from Mars » Sun 29 Aug, 2010 17:11

I love it when complete forum unknowns come in to say that they were the cause of WMDs demise.

Reminds me of Tiger Woods and all of his mistresses...

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Re: WMD's Delta Retirement

Postby Friz » Mon 27 Aug, 2012 22:34

Im an old WMD member, a squad leader, i wanna start AE again. Is there anybody remembered me, i know most of WMD players but dunno who is active right now. If you remembered me please pm me, i have few question. Thanks a lot

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