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New Reaper

Postby Soldier48 » Thu 03 Nov, 2011 00:19

This has been in the talks for awhile. I been the GM of [R.I.P] for over 3 years (since previous names). I led the guild from a small rank guild with just me and my buddy all the way up to at one point a top 10 guild. I am proud to have been the GM of the guild. October 1st I announced that I am leaving. All through October Grizzely Bear, Alex Row and Snowman have been campaigning for members votes come November 1st. Today I tallied up the votes and Snowman won with 76% of the votes. Alex Row with 18% and Grizzely Bear with 6%.

So that being said, NEW GM OF RIP Snowman. I will still be in RIP and in some sort of power, most likely still talking to many guilds that I already speak with, but Snowman will now lead the guild in a new, better, direction.

Now Retired GM,

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Re: New Reaper

Postby Major-X » Thu 03 Nov, 2011 04:14

good luck

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