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Postby Relentless » Tue 21 Feb, 2012 06:26

fendelius wrote:they discussed for several months that they were to disband. it was all internal its a credit to them only u ppl are finding out about it now. thats part of why i gave my account away in epsi , they are alive in well in lyra tho, u should go send them flowers or something. anyway when i was there i tried to talk them out of it but u know sometimes ppl just get tired of the same old box. so change is good. and they wanted change so its there choice let them have it.

but it surprises me that relentless is so contrite now i remember when he went thru the 70s and nuked them to pieces so this si the old story of a self fulfillilng propechy if u hadnt farmed them so hard and destroyed so many of there fleets maybe they would still be around? the fact u ftw went into TBAG so u could get around ur pact with bsw was the problem and u relentless one of the main offenders, then the other ftw went into abh again so they could go around there pacts as ftw. i know jezbuck said he had "this plan" and that it was "complicated" and then we had blue and red and watever. but its my understandign most of bsw wanted to try someting different and so i guess they are i cant see it im not in epsi anymore. and over all this second time i had a great experience in epsi, i miss soundwave of course, but who wouldnt hes a great player. very considerate, of other ppl. and i miss mr. hans they were very nice to us before abh merged into GA and those blacksheep ftw came in there and well dont get me started. :P

I don't exactly recall taking out more than a few minor BSW fleets. Nothing major...or perhaps I've forgotten. I typically only take down names when I kill like a 30+ million fleet which isn't that often. Or when I've derbed TITAN members. Don't get me wrong though; I love the whole bad-boy title of "main offender". I just am not sure if I truly deserve it unfortunately. I do remember chasing around a few BSW fleets and perhaps I caught them eventually but they were smallish ones I think.

As for your assumption of pact-tracking; see Cifer's post. Please come up with some cool bad-boy title I deserve :)


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