It has been enough for this server

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It has been enough for this server

Postby Perun » Sat 31 Mar, 2012 03:14

For me atleast.

FTW grats for winning last few wars, the way you won them doesnt lower the effort put in it, you did great and i am just surprised how people didnt notice what is going to happen even though it was so clear lol.

For all people from 3sum i enjoyed playing with you and it was fun hell it was fun.

I miss GOONs on this server, i miss real wars, hell i might just say i miss early epsi when it was most fun server of them all.

Good bye epsi now for real.

Everyone who wants to stay in touch i play beta under same name so pm me there.

Have fun all of you

"Being with two women at a same time the end is never pretty but a ride down is hell of a fun !"
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Re: It has been enough for this server

Postby Hard^Rock » Sat 31 Mar, 2012 11:35

lool same bla bla every WAR we win .. ( i quit .. then come back again ) .

anyway . i would like to Thank FTW Allies in this WAR.

Big part from winning was because of SIn . so thx u.

also this game will never have leaders like ( FTW - RED ) leaders . their part in this war was the Key to win

thx u all ...

and goodluck to SWAG next time

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