[R.I.P] cuts relations with [XXV]

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[R.I.P] cuts relations with [XXV]

Postby Soldier48 » Thu 05 Apr, 2012 00:30

[R.I.P] has dissolved ALL relations with it's sub-guild [XXV]. Over the past months we have sent members to be trained in [XXV] however they failed to send anyone up to [R.I.P]. They failed for 3 months to respond to my messages. Snowman was going to dissolve relations awhile ago, but Buck promised something would change. However nothing changed. It has come to my and Snowman decisions to remove them as our sub-guild and erase all relations with them.

All Brothers and Allies who held [XXV] as friendly because of [R.I.P] being the parent can now dissolve relations if they wish.

[R.I.P]'s recruitment policy has not changed, still set at level 30 with limited acceptance based on Snowman's judgement.

Since most people don't care, shouldn't be of concern to reply ;).

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