A sweet lass in a little trouble.....

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A sweet lass in a little trouble.....

Postby albend » Sun 13 May, 2012 08:33

Greetings, it me Albend. I know you all live for my posts, my opinions illuminate your day. Well today I'm using my powers for good.

RD is organizing a good little get together, we usually aren't the sentimental type but our good member Cloud (or whatever) is going through some trouble. His daughter has been under going a series of medical procedures to ensure her continued existence. We at RD have been doing our best to keep up the prayers, blessings and invocations of dark gods. However the party needs your help to keep on going. We have set up a base of Clouds to house a great many scouts and fleets of varying random composition. We have got a lot of support from out of guild people and we continue to get encouraging messages from those who care. We here at RD are ever grateful for the show of compassion particularly in such politically irritating times. So we would really love if guilds regardless of political affiliation participated, prayed, invoked, etc.

Since we can't post coordinates on the forum PM me, Cloud or really any RD member for the coordinates to the said location. Then send some fleet and possibly an encouraging message the Father.

Now look at this sweet lass

We are well aware that an astro with some 1s and 0s orbiting it isn't going to cure her, but god damn it. Sometimes folk just gotta get together to support other folk. Help's everybody a little bit. We can screencap this gathering as it grows bigger and show the lass when she gets older exactly how much folk care about their own. We aren't all from the same guild, same country, but we all play AE. You guys are the community that makes this game so fun, you are responsible for its ups and downs. I know you guys are good folk, we want you to participate. We really do. So do it, punch down that mask of apathy you fake on the internet. Stop pretending you're some sort of internet badass. Send some fleet, cry a little, talk with the Father and feel human to the core. Cloud has been spending a lot of time at the hospital with his daughter, they have been going through this for about a year now I believe. I know he doesn't want to say it, but we gotta do this for him too. RDs got his back, people got his back. When the burden is too heavy, you just need an extra shoulder. Well Cloud, we are that shoulder, we are the *beep* that drag you the last mile. We care, and we want you to know it.

RD wants you to remain civil at the location, even if your great personal Satan sends a pretty looking piece of flying food. This isn't that kind of party, we throw those parties in E74 and at bases near you. We have 15 guilds so far, 340 people.

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Re: A sweet lass in a little trouble.....

Postby mastercrs » Sun 13 May, 2012 08:44

This sweet little angel who always seems to find her way to smile and laugh despite all that she has been through in her short life, doesn't deserve the cards she has been dealt. We here at RD support cloud and will help our brother.

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