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Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Wed 20 Jun, 2012 18:49
by Caesar
Calm down guys

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Wed 20 Jun, 2012 23:45
by Soundwave
Well i dont like you. :bleh:
Is that so hard to understand? :wall: /facepalm

As you said , you were in my guild then you came and attack your own ex guildmates,

I would call you **** again , but , if i do that there is a chance ill get 3rd yellow card so ill call you ... hm? how to call you?


Dont care mate. To many ppl passed trough Abh , joined , take a look , then hit us after that. :bleh: This is more a game of words then game of fleets. I could have still talk like before, saying to you ppl , Look mates , im sorry we were such a good boys and girls , we did what you ppl asked , played with you you derbed us , can we get nap.

want example? here :

You say , look mate yea you are such a lovely fella , we like you verry much but you know , presently we do not put treaties on small guilds. Mybe in some time , after all things calm down a little, Mybe you can wait up a little yea?

Then i say , sure mates , ill wait , be sure to tell me when that will happen , ill be waiting for you to lick your assess again

And then you ppl say , sure sure you wait ,we will send word..

Then months later and fleets killed i ask again.
Hey mate , look we were such a lovely persons we lost here and there are you happy can we get nap now boss?

and you ppl say , no thns time is not right can you wait a little more that , we have real itches presently so we dont accept naps

then i go , sure ill wait its ok no problem i like you guys , you like us?

Yea we like you sound , just a sec things will be better , you are our number one gayish person... etc etc etc

well. **** ***... damn... i need to censor this , anyways , insult under stars... Dont care mate if i hurt your feelings , its colateral damage , you can understand it?

As of laughing thing. Hm... Laugh as much as you want. I would like if you would not get angry , cos insults are not meant for you as a person. You are not ***** < whatever here is meant to be said. Insult is here on your actions. I dont respect you ppl anymore. I think you are bunch of sisies and cowards. Here 30 noobs in guild that is made by "raving lunatic" will not disband , will not go away , will not quit and will not take step back in front of you ppl. Why? Becouse you ppl can only attack ppl like us. Small noobs with no fleets to compete you ppl.

Thats the fact , that was before , and that will be in future. Five of us in E32 permafarmed ALL your bases in E32. What was that? A joke , i hardly had enough fleet to kill all bases! And you sent 600 mil on us. :bleh: What do you want ? Praise. You are noobs. We farmed your ppl cos they dont know how to play , and they dont know how to defend. Finally, i farmed them cos they are liars , and cos you ppl are liars.

Whatever i say here , smart or stupid , you will laugh it ;) So dont really care. All i write IS ment to be laughed at :)

ps, anyways i needed almost 30 minutes to write this mssg. And it was more fun to write it then to play the game. :bleh: Makes you wander... :think:

Anyways , without fleets , curses are only things i can throw at you. Endure and survive. :bleh: I dont use real curses anyways. (they are writen you see ;) , meaning i first think what to write , then i send it :mrgreen: )

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Thu 21 Jun, 2012 07:55
by Soundwave
Btw... yesterday was late and i was tired. Didnt you in fact attacked G.A. fleet , then i insulted you / blocked you , then you whined to Francis , Francis then sent me mssg that you are ex g.a. player and that i am to go easy on you , then i told him that you are ex Abh player also and that i put a mssg on my profile saying that i will insult all players attacking g.a. / abh players. it was on my profile , you ppl didnt bothered checking...

We laughed at that point. Is this "laugh" to you same as your ppl laugh to me?

Look , i can apologize if you really got hurt or insulted. I bet ppl dont insult you much. Well , get hard skin and dont be hurt. Its a game. By the time i write wall of text , cant you understand that its just a joke. :biglaugh: I talk all the time like this on this forum , mssg to you then mssg to some other players then third etc etc etc...You all come in waves. This in fact makes things interesting. You all get a part of my mssges sent to you ppl , while i get all your mssges back at me. Then i have time to read it carefully , and see who is telling the truth , who is not telling the truth etc etc. Its one fun thing i do here in game. You see , its fun when one player from same guild threaten to kill me , while another is saying how i am his number one gay player.


Game is fun , but ppl in game are much more funnier. I wouldnt play it if you ppl would not be a ppl. That you GOT INSULTED makes all this playable and interesting!

Ps. Francis is a good person. So above mssg where i say we laughed , we didnt laughed at you , i just told him i will insult players who attack our allies . I did it on purpose , and as provocation. Jesi razumio? Laugh was only one smiley , this one ->:biglaugh: Its a part of a game. :wink: I decided not to sent you aplauses cos you ppl didnt do nothing to be applauded on. YOur landing was a catastrophic and unorganized , you didnt do nothing spectacular and it was really noobish performance out of you all.

No ... i can see you ppl dont understand one bit...

Now you will ask yourself what a hell is he talking about.

And then i again become a loony person :biglaugh: :bleh:

Read forum posts a little , i get insulted all the time. :shhh:

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Thu 21 Jun, 2012 08:28
by UlquiorraCifer
What's with all the butthurt rage? This thread died out ages ago :/

I'm not the FTW TR guy anymore, the trade embargo is long dead/isn't relevant anymore, no I won't post your trades I have a guy for that now, now stop the spam & find a new thread.

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Thu 21 Jun, 2012 11:30
by Soundwave
Nah , it just shows in a way how boring epsilon become. Yesterday i went to sleep after writing mssg here , this morning a first came here to check the mssges... Didnt even bothered to come in game... :bleh:

As of trades still have some 30 empty trades... ill need few months to fill them.. ... Wait that summer ends. :scared: :snooty:

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Fri 22 Jun, 2012 06:48
by UlquiorraCifer
Shouldn't take a few months to fill 30 trades

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Fri 22 Jun, 2012 12:45
by Soundwave
I play slow man. Where is the rush? What will i lose? Easy. Even this rudenes is just a game. I have more important isues to solve in life then some browser game writing *beep* things. This is something for relaxing. When you have free time and dont have nothing to do , you came here to have fun.

Thats should be the case with all of us? :think:

Its better i to express my rudeness here then in RL. :bleh:

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Fri 22 Jun, 2012 16:23
by onbekende07
there is no need to put a space before a comma.

also, Francis loves you!

Re: Server Wide Trade Embargo

Posted: Fri 22 Jun, 2012 18:15
by Caesar
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