Epsilon server

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Epsilon server

Postby Baylor » Mon 01 May, 2017 09:00

I think that we should give free upgrades of 1yr to old server players (older than 1yr of account would be good). It would be a goodwill move by the AE brass that they could also consider (free 1mo and 3mo upgrades maybe) on experimental servers.

Some of the sore losers would argue that we should shut down servers like Omega and Juno. I disagree. I propose the anti-thesis of free upgrades for everyone.

Some would have us displace frustrations onto those who have spent time, moneys, and labors over the years. Let us instead consider a wise investment of goodwill. Let us also consider the mysterious/flexible 3rd NPC that I have made casual reference to over the past few months or so.

Godspeed and goodwill to all Epsilon people of past and present.

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Re: Epsilon server

Postby WhiteKnight » Wed 03 May, 2017 03:52

They could do that hidden frigate thing they did years ago -.- where they hid I think it was 3 drekon frigates in each server and if you killed 1 you got like a 3 month upgrade

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Re: Epsilon server

Postby -Catalyst- » Thu 01 Jun, 2017 01:38

That would be too easy now with all the auto scouting being used, lol

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Re: Epsilon server

Postby PowerVerde » Sat 03 Jun, 2017 15:05

Easy, but would create a race and something else to do.

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