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Join RageX

Posted: Sun 14 Jan, 2018 01:04
by solace
Welcome to Astro Empires

To get the most of the game you need to join a guild and learn the gameplay. Guilds are where members can chat, help each other and plan wars etc. Whilst you don't HAVE to join a guild it's very hard to play the game without doing so.

Now what guild you choose to join is up to you, be aware not all guilds accept new players, and other guilds exploit them.

We try to help you and guide you in this guild and for that reason I would ask you to consider joining us here. We are a guild set up specific for new players, run by new players and here to help you start the game the right way.

You would be welcomed and we would love you to stay with us, but once established you may wish to move to bigger guilds, we understand that and will not stand in your way
So don't struggle all alone or join guilds which will damage you long term, join me Here to start your journey to building an empire and fighting battles amongst the stars

Re: Join RageX

Posted: Wed 17 Jan, 2018 22:16
by Aergistal
Your guild it's incapable to stop CUBE :)

Re: Join RageX

Posted: Thu 18 Jan, 2018 20:29
by Bionic redhead
Unless you happen to be vaguely competent. In which case Cube is screwed.

Re: Join RageX

Posted: Fri 19 Jan, 2018 20:26
by Aergistal
Bad luck. They are noobs.

Re: Join RageX

Posted: Sun 21 Jan, 2018 13:56
by solace
Aergistal wrote:Your guild it's incapable to stop CUBE :)

Not trying to "stop" Cube, rather trying to give new players an option to play the game by the Alpha code and allow them to prosper.
In your guild guys cower under level 30 and bottom feeders, new players deserve better than that. I am not precious about hanging onto members, once they have matured they can either stay or move on to pastures new, no drama, no bawl.

Anything that keeps players out of your clutches and give them the opportunities that Cube could never give them.

I quit a while ago because I felt the game was dying, and I know it is fading but your tactics hasten it's demise, I want new players here to reinvigorate guilds throughout Alpha.