AE Curriculum Vitae.

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Postby Flash879 » Tue 08 Sep, 2009 06:54

Oh god I can't believe I am doing this...


Name: Flash879
Nickname: Marshal
Age: 596 Days (And Counting)

[GLORY] (Average member)
[=ACE=] (Dunno, only reason I remember it is a saved combat log from March 23, 2008)
Multiple affiliated guilds lasting no longer than a week.
[JEDI] (Retired Diplomat, Chief Marshal/Acting Executive Officer)

I have acted as a liaison official with other guilds for external affairs, and as a distinguished diplomat for the guilds I have been a part of (those who have spoken business with me can vouch for this). As of now, I am retired from my diplomatic duties, acting as a beacon of leadership by utilizing my charisma and direct way-of-speaking. I am very persuasive, and can analyze a situation to where I can delegate orders and commands in order to protect the security of the guild from internal threats such as mutiny, hotheadedness, and disagreement.

Acted as second-in-command of JEDI in the absence of main leadership. Shown great leadership skills in maintaining the security and stability of the Guild.

Due to my skills as a diplomat, I have been more on the side of preventing wars through mutual compromise. As I have said before, those that have done business with me know that I am a respectful individual and my maturity in fragile situations usually reverses opinions through general kindness and earned respect. Most hostile conflicts I resolve end up in more peaceful pacts, the least of which is an NAP. However, I shoot no higher than trading pacts, as demanding anything of myself or my guild members would be absurd; I trust they will continue on their own accord from my leadership to aid a guild asking for help.

This is not gloating, this is based on by accounts that I have taken upon to resolve. As of yet, any war directly declared upon to my guild has been reduced to minor punitive actions. Major guild interlocked wars I cannot say, as I hold a defensive stance around my regions (this includes my bases as well as the astros owned from my guild's and personal allies).

-For each ally you have, that is one less enemy to watch out for.
-Mutual respect towards others is the best way to maintain a peaceful setting.
-Maintaining a strict defensive policy is key to keeping yourself off anyone's KOS list.
-"No one wants to attack someone who shows a calm demeanor, respect, and compassion towards them, as it would surely make them feel like s***."

And most of all:
"If you're not getting answers, ask better questions." -"Q," Cartel (It's a song, look it up.)

I strictly believe that painful, physical punishment still remains the best of all teaching tools in the arsenal of learning.

That's why I'll harm the closest idiot to my vicinity.
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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby GalacticCoalition » Sun 04 Oct, 2009 09:39

Name: Tiddles
Age: 898 Days

[SPDRG] - Vice GM and then GM
[CHAOS] - a nobody
[S3D] - a nobody, then a leadership member eventually
[S2D] - A trainer, then diplomat
Then back to [S3D] as a leadership member again, now in [AIDS] as GM.

Helped found [SPDRG] Soup Dragon in B41 with some friends from another online game as many of us were quiting the other online game. Managed to piss off TSS and was forced to surrender to them within like 30 days of starting the game. Was great fun.
Oh, and we attacked TWL, BRO, GBS, and AoV during that same period of "hey, we're noobs, lets attack everyone", resulting in great fun and relative quick disbandment of [SPDRG] as people branched out to other guilds to learn the game and as people quit AE (though fortunately many of the came back on later servers:)).

Leadership role in [S3D]/[S2D]/[AIDS]. Leadership is always fun.


[CHAOS] in large war against GOON (occured August 2007, i just went back and checked on forums)
[S3D] vs [BLG]
[S3D] in some TORA vs GOON war
[S3D] vs MAUI (but only briefly, as I was called away to B50 to help [S2D]
[S2D]/[ZERG] vs [-ASG-]/[SoK]
[S2D] vs [SYM] <- this war was good fun, i think for all of us on both sides
GOON vs RAGE (part 1)
[S3D] vs [MIG] + supporting members from [~13~]
[S3D] vs [GLORY] (part 1)
GOON vs RAGE (part 2)
and now I'm forced to sit out [S3D] vs [GLORY] (part 2) cause someone needs to stick around and train the low level guys.

PHILOSOPHY (or whatever way that is written)
- Its a game. If I happen to be asleep or AFK, I don't need to give someone my cell phone number so I can get texted and stop my fleet from being blown up. What happens, happens. So if I happen to get killed while at work and not on the game, so be it. If my fleet dies at 3am while I'm sleeping, tough luck to me. On the other hand, if someone tries to attack my fleet at 3am and I'm not sleeping, tough luck to them.
- Its a game. I play to have fun. I have fun blowing up other people's fleet. I'm sure other people have fun blowing up my fleet. I think most of us can agree that doing nothing other than watching tickers tick with no fighting at the end of the tickers is pretty boring.

Beta -> [S3D] Tiddles/Polar Bear <- Guild Leader
Mira - > [NSFW] Tiddles/Moose
What can I say, during blob crashes my Canadianness comes out
Vlad the Impaler
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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Vlad the Impaler » Tue 01 Dec, 2009 01:36

And I've been so good about avoiding the forums:

Name: Vlad the Impaler
Nicknames: Usually Uncomplimentary
Age: 923 days


CUBS: received training, learned the value of honor regardless of cost, and introduced to the joys of being farmed

IMPM: recruited as Chief Diplomat, current GuildMaster, with several worthy co-GM's


Fought farmers, and superior forces from day one. Raised a group of like-minded and selfless warriors from humble beginnings to a top 30 guild, despite being repeatedly explained to that only Evil Farming guilds and players can prosper.

Faced GOON single handed for a solid (and painful) week before the first BLOB war kicked in.

Pissed off most of the larger guild leaders by constantly being polite no matter how badly me and mine got pwnd.

Kept our name, despite former claims to its possession.

Built untold unprofitable bases wherever we were unwelcome, over 4 million in experience, using guerilla tactics against people twice my level usually.

Have and will keep IMPM alive no matter the threat


We've rarely gone to WAR, prefering to punish individual farmers. Some of the most notable exceptions are:

IMPM vs. Omega Legion
IMPM vs. Serenity Warriors
IMPM vs. [L€Z]
and of course, individuals like The Don, a couple Mordor, and most recently with Ph00ny
and an untold number of 'training' actions and friendly conflicts.


Always Be Polite. Ruin the fun only for those that do so to you, farm only farmers out of the game. Guerilla warfare with several dozen players will always win against one large player in time, no matter how active. And the only way to lose is to NEVER quit, or give up.

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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Ratimus » Fri 19 Feb, 2010 17:45

Name: Ratimus
Nicknames: Rat,Ratty ,Ratti,A-hole,Jerk OFF and few other love names
Age: 1,037 days

GE yea where it all started went from bottom to the top
Bulge yep was there too hovered near the top
Also spent some time in all the cool guilds Goon TSS FYAD SAS TFR CHUG SWARM prob few more all with same common denominator LULZ

Currently RingMaster of Chaos

Thrown away 1,037 days of my life i want it back
Oh yea engineered the Omega Demise that was an achievement i think

I'd like to list em all but think there is post size limit
Most Notable:
Ratimus VS Hydro Morphone
Ratimus VS Percocet
Ratimus VS Jack Daniels
yep derbed them all

I dont make it up I just read it and if i dont like it i re write it so it fits
If Spy is necessary Evil then I Lucifer himself
I trade my account for a Klondike bar

President of CL for Assisted suicide
Charter Member D.A.M.M. Drunks against Mad Mothers
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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby CakeTime » Sat 20 Feb, 2010 13:28


Name: CakeTime
Nickname: Cake
Age: 22


Former PR director for The /b/alactic empire, Founder and frequent GM of DESU, Diplomat/war commander for DESU, currently Vice leader of TSS


I've done many things that were considered achievements back in the day, but today are pretty much impossible, like solo crashing a gate. These days only a low ranked guild can get solo crashed by a fleet comp like mine, and that's no fun. D:


Too many to list. DESU has fought conflicts ranging from small scale battles to server wide wars against many different opponents. We've also involved ourselves in most of the wars that The Goonion fought throughout their time as Beta's awesome bloc. We enthusiastically fulfilled our role as MDP until it turned out that our joint drop with TSS was larger than anything GOON or anyone else in CHUG had done the entire war, and we were informed that we were not going to be getting our credits back despite the fact that the battle was not yet lost. Thanks, Duffman. You owe me 15m you prick.


Keep out. All Trespassers will be given a Chelsea Smile.

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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Uncle Mongo » Fri 14 May, 2010 22:51


Name: Zexerous

Nicknames: The Zex God, Zex, Zexy, your dad, so on so forth

Guilds and Experience:

Started in TSS, bounced to, I believe it was then FYAD, then to GOON, back to TSS, over to SAS, back to GOON, then back to TSS, then to SYM, which turned into TSS, which became, CSAT because I can't spell in my head, then got fixed to CSAS, then back to TSS, then back into SYM for about a week, I felt like a ham sandwich so I gave the daddy pants to caketime who renamed us DESU, and then I think we're back to TSS, no wait TATA because something about breast exams and self checks.

I guess I'm some kind of leader these days. Still trying to figure that one out.


Yeah, I guess I've done those, though all I really did was organize a massive hit in a few hours on Vaholl. Or however you spell it. I guess you could say I'm constantly at war with Kali the way we trade barbs back and forth on here.


What? Get out of my house, jesus let me fap in peace. It's a browser game for crying out loud.

They said it would never rain in space. They claimed we would never succeed. But on that day, the Beta galaxies rained nerd tears. Thus, a new chapter in the great Soup Opera began. - Book of The Raptor, Chapter 13 verse 47

Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Kali » Fri 28 May, 2010 13:47

not really barbs, more like custard pies in the face :)
you dont get iffy & precious about stuff Uncle Mongo - so its all good.

But you need to do somthing egregious again either here or in the game -
so I can have an opportunity to mock you.
You can always add it as a postscript to your CV you know :dance:

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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Emdub » Wed 23 Jun, 2010 21:43


Name: Emdub

Previously/Currently Known By: Emdub, Crazy Cow, Azreal the Cat, Angels Stripjoint (Current)

Guilds and Experience:

S-W: pleb, then moved upto Diplomat.
SAS: Same as S-W
After I left the GOONION I started up some minor guilds..


Restarted as Crazy Cow
[BOB] - Insane pleb. (Ask JiNx!)

Left due to RL - Dec '08

Came back to find GOONION Blowed up... Many tears ensued, and Now I keep the faith we'll come back..

Current: [S3D] - plebulusmaximus And Annoying Tard.. (Ask Juju!)

If GOONION Revitalises I'll have wet panties once more.

Achievs: Peacetalks in most of Shadow Warriors Wars.. And some minor talks for the GOONION..

WARS: Too many to name...

Philosophy: Have fun, keep the lulz/boobies/bandwagoning going forever!

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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby RTF » Thu 24 Jun, 2010 11:58

Emdub wrote: Current: [S3D] - plebulusmaximus And Annoying Tard.. (Ask Juju!)
yup yup you're right there

Don't be so open minded, your brain will fall out

If God gives you lemons, he better give you some sugar and water too, or your lemonade is gonna suck
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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Lord_Araujo_ » Wed 24 Nov, 2010 19:21


Name: A. Araujo
Nickname: Lord Araujo
Age: enough


Helped the GOONion a bit when BROx was gangbanging them. Habitual friend of the Goonion for a while, leader of the imperials despite whatever their guild leader page says , pretty much the greatest non-goon of beta - and you damn know it.

Ate Snayke for breakfast.

Allied with F.A. Thinking.

Tamed Thrax.

More or less told Ratimus the basics of P&W and then retired.

Trolled top guilds to death.

Made Count Spartan cry on an alternate forum.
Got sick of P&W and went into AA

Forced [NECRO] and [TLL] to come to a peace agreement by declaring war on both.
Attacked /b/ for the lulz.
Slept with Musta
Kali's most devoted lover.
Creator of the terms e-spartan and e-hono(u)r.
Always forgot when ships were ready and thus got ZFd many times.
e-married with Thrax until she divorced.
Made Billy Baawlegs cry for real.

and more stuff I don't remember

Few crappy server wars.
GE vs =T=
GE vs /b/
GE vs the e-spartans
Me vs Tiresmoke.

Corum, what part of "no" did you not understand?
I did it for the lulz.

Serve the Empire above all others.

AlcibiadesGL0RY wrote:ae is gay i dont even play ae
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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Suiseiseki » Wed 24 Nov, 2010 23:03

GE vs. /b/ was awesome. Back then we were afraid of Battleships, 10s of them were almost unheard of, and most of our strategy revolved around running away. Good times.

Kali wrote:We take their Derbs & Break their Hearts - The Goonion Resurrection
The Nene is a lie.
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Re: AE Curriculum Vitae.

Postby Lord_Araujo_ » Thu 25 Nov, 2010 05:32

We should do that on Juno someday except this time I could fight on /b/'s side.

AlcibiadesGL0RY wrote:ae is gay i dont even play ae

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