Ceti History - Comments (Please read first!)

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Ceti History - Comments (Please read first!)

Postby Death Smurf » Sun 28 Jan, 2018 07:18

Figured it was about time I would upload all my files/data, and relocate images from photobucket to be listed here on the forum. As I proceed through this, I am deleting my records. Need to eventually wipe the HD.

If you could comment here, rather than on the actual history files, it'd be appreciated.

I realized I had far too many files, and people often had said previously about 'history' and no one to write it. Perhaps this way it can jog people's memory.

If you have any files to be added, please send me a forum PM with the information contained, and I will list you as the resource/credit.

Ceti Historian:
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