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Caesars Index for Ceti

Postby Caesar » Thu 13 Aug, 2009 12:18

Due to the excess of threads worth stickying, this thread is being used as a hub to keep track of them all. Feel free to follow the links and post in any of them; necro rules do not apply as these threads are still considered stickied, despite however long it may have been since the last post. Don't spam or flame though please these threads will be cleared of spam and other non related posts.

Discussion on how to improve the Ceti forums
Tips for new forum members
Ceti Tavern - Rules and Guidelines
Guild Mergers (For Wiki)
Guild Leaders (For Wiki)
Fleet And Defense Advice For The New guy (Game related)
Guild Advice For The Newguy (Game Related)
Planet of Choice - Guide for new bases
Thanks to Ribbentrop for this index idea.
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