AEWiki - Epsilon Server

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AEWiki - Epsilon Server

Postby Ikari » Thu 06 Aug, 2009 19:34

Hi guys,

The Epsilon Server Portal on the AEWiki needs your help! We still have many guilds without pages and many we do have are small or stubs and we have very little history of the server done. I would encourage any users looking to help go to the the portal and get started asap!

Epsilon Server Portal - Epsilon Server Articles in Need - Help getting started on Wiki's - The Wiki Guidelines

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Re: AEWiki - Epsilon Server

Postby Bernoulli » Wed 24 Mar, 2010 19:52

Hello Epsilon Tavern.

As you can see I'm the new guy so I'm stoping on by and give the general hello and greetings. As you will come to know, and hopefully love having me, as the Wiki Moderator. In my signature you can find the generic Forum rules and Wiki guidelines link. I strongly encourage all of you to make an AstroEmpires Wiki account, even if you don't plan to do much on there. It would be good to have your account on hand should you want to make your own page, just make sure you meet the requirements for an official AE page. Now before you feel discouraged, that does not count for user pages. So even if you should fall short of the requirements you can still make your own personal page without the need to worry about meeting the guidelines. So please, drop me a line on my talk page located here.

Again, I look forward to hearing from you as time goes down the road.... hello? .... Anyone? ...oh boy.


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Re: AEWiki - Epsilon Server

Postby eldodo » Sun 10 Oct, 2010 09:01

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Re: AEWiki - Epsilon Server

Postby FoxFire » Mon 11 Oct, 2010 19:59

lol at this ^

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