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Re: ???

Postby Wanderingmystic » Thu 16 Mar, 2017 22:39

Sarah-bunny wrote:Satele was a multi-server GM when i was still building bases on crystals on Delta :bumping:

When i first started crystals were all the rave 10 years ago. couldnt ever get ahold of one. now theyre abandoned like trash. cant say im sad to see them lose popularity though im wondering exactly when it happened. Delta was the new server when i had to quit the game.

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Re: ???

Postby atom man » Thu 27 Apr, 2017 00:38

I still build one early game just because through economy i gain fleet through fleet i gain debris and so forth, and if you only produce ft`s on it you barely notice the prod loss early on anyways. 0.o

why do mods, keep breaking forum rules I am trying hard to follow,like all RP criteria... even waited to start an OOC, till i had more of the story mapped out and half of the 779 pages of OOC read...
I follow the rules, if we rule. :eh:

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