United Colonies Update

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Erex Malren
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United Colonies Update

Postby Erex Malren » Wed 15 Mar, 2017 01:33

The United Colonies NPC is kind of bland right now. And there isn't many left from what it seems like. So here's an idea that may change the game as well as build a more fun experience.

1.) Have United Colonies build and act like a player in which it will have Colony Worlds that continually build up.
2.) Have United Colonies actively build fleets that work and move to random points in the game instead of just sitting on the planet waiting to be occupied.
3.) Have Drekons, and UC fight it out. Drekon fleets and UC Fleets attack one another.
4.) Engage the UC and it will provoke you and have UC Fleets able to occupy other peoples worlds.

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Re: United Colonies Update

Postby Wanderingmystic » Thu 16 Mar, 2017 22:31

sounds fun in theory till you provoke a uc and it swarms you with a 12million fleet. the drekon vs uc sounds like itd be amazing being completely honest but drekons would stomp their *beep* in.

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Re: United Colonies Update

Postby Mandril » Thu 18 May, 2017 20:14

I send some request about this topic too... why dont put like 20-30 bases of UC in each galaxy.. big spawns.. 100k or so.. so really will be challenge or at least will keep active the player

having a lot of UC's bases, you will have more income and derbs, able to do more base.. so you will look for an upgrade so you can boost your account.

Same drekons, spawn each 10-15 days... big fleet as always..

Or like you say.. you attack UC and they defend or interact with the player... no offenses take it Admins, but really you dont care about the players in this game anymore.. or at least, you can answer and say.. "hey, cant be done because this or that"

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