We need bigger clusters...

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We need bigger clusters...

Postby KFCSajin » Mon 31 Dec, 2018 09:45

Good point on upgrading all servers to a minimum of 4 clusters is that now people do not care to spawn in the 2nd or 3rd cluster since now they can always make it a 2v2 match, where before it was always a 2v1 match everyone against the middle cluster who couldnt keep up with econ due to trades... The distance was short meaning all the trades the middle cluster could get couldnt compare to any of the trades the top and bottom cluster could get. Not only that the middle had way less trading partners because the top and bottom clusters were stubborn and only wanted to trade with each other 90% of the time, leaving only a tiny few lucky middle cluster accounts to get some trade while the rest had to suffer with trading within their own galaxy instead of getting the big cluster distance boost.

HOWEVER. there is still TOO FEW clusters. Let's learn that we should never create a middle cluster and keep them to an even number. 4 is still a small universe but it already did good in keeping Typhon alive for a while now. If it was another 3 cluster server it would have died out when Mystic opened. Heck even before that as 50% of the server invaded 25% of the server waaay back. Talking about RED+MOE invasion of 00s. Only reason why 00s didnt all quit is because MOE was incapable of reinforcing and RED already lost so much mobile hitting bases and making profit that the 00s outnumbered and endangered them from staying so they had to leave when MOE left.
The thing is guilds learn from watching the warfare of other guilds which is why the next crash is going to be a decisive battle which will determine the winners and losers of the server. Many people will quit. Many of the losers. A few of the winners who had their fun and want to do it all again (so they take a break and wait for next server so as not to burn themselves out). But overall the server will survive as teams may be forced to re scramble as space is freed up and we can do another big launch again with all the spoils we got.
That's typically how a server goes. The first alliances will always get scrambled after the first big crash, some will leave, others will stay to keep playing with bigger numbers in fleet, and as long as it is balanced and people can keep running away then the server will survive.

I just happen to think 4 clusters is still to small because after the first crash there might be more space to sprawl but it is still the same size server which didnt really get any bigger, only more dangerous.
When danger levels get too high people quit because of the pressure or unfairness and then the server dies.
More clusters = less pressure.

To be honest, I am jealous of the A-E servers for being so active this long, like +10 years.
The thing is it is just too impossible to play a 4 cluster server for even +1 year due to how choked it is.
It is painful to lose a battle buddy because he cant keep up with the stress.
It makes you want to follow him to the next server too and inevitable that's how a server dies.

Look again in your players per server.
From B-I there are only 400-200 players in each server even though they are in +6 clusters.
Oh man even when Ixion first opened up that takes me back!

The problem is in the newer servers being just 3-4 clusters even though now its going on something like 4 years since they were any bigger.

I think there are some people who play X server but not Y server (in the really old servers, +4 years old).
The thing is I am sure they are now bored and want to start fresh but not in a tiny server.
I can bet you there are many people who'd rather play their older server than their new one and delete their newer accounts due to the game letting them down.

So can you create a server where all of us can come together and make it special. For everyone to enjoy for another 10 more years to come? Make it a big server! Please I am hoping one that is 8-10 clusters!
I remember my old ceti account and that if I would have kept up with it and not go inactive it should be going on its 11th year by the start of this summer. I am ready to settle down in a server that is going to be huge, and I am certain many older players want a fresh start in a reliable and fair server where they can all start on an even playing field again.

Please if you can do that also hype it up.

I need to put back in what was edited out... Let me just rephrase it.

Please, if you can do that (creating more clusters) Hype it up by creating a system message or email those subscribed to their newsletters with a bright message towards their next server so as to encourage a lot of people to play it.

Special message to Richelieu: My post was primarily meant for the game admins/creators.
I do not email them unless it has to be private.
Since I also wanted everyone else to hear my opinion as well, and maybe share their opinion, I opened this thread.
While I do not like being taken out of context like being mistaken for encouraging spam, I guess I should thank you for believing in second chances since that was a ban-able offense.
However I do run my mouth a lot... So perhaps give me 3, 4 or 5 chances because I am still new to all this and forget the detailed rules so easily. :silenced:
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Re: We need bigger clusters...

Postby swearengen » Sat 12 Jan, 2019 08:40

If ya really need 3,4 or 5 warnings and have a post count over a couple dozen.

Ya either trying to start trouble/drama and dont care about the rules.

Or just good ole fashion stupidty.In which case ya plain stupid :)

Either way ya shouldnt be posting then :)

There are not enough players to open the 40's
Wasnt until recently that they started the 30's opening at launch.It was taking sometimes a few hours for clusters to open.
Heck on Typhon only has 1300 accounts

Thats like 320 per cluster.
And that 1300 im sure are after people multis have deleted,players quitting.
You havent posted anything that shows AE needs 40's opened with the normal size player base game currently has.

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