Auto Rotation of Advertised Servers

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Auto Rotation of Advertised Servers

Postby LoneWolf2 » Tue 01 Nov, 2016 03:00

When you type in Astro empires for the first time on Google or other search engines, it's always the latest server that is at the top of the list. If you live in Alpha for example, and you are trying to bring in fresh players, then you have felt the effect of this... You just about literally have to go to other servers and sites to bring in new players on older servers. There are a variety of styles of play between different servers, yet with current advertising leaning only to new servers , the new players that have never played before only get a look at the newer servers and their style of play. If ads were to rotate featured servers once a month, this would bring some new players into the older servers. It would not only increase the recruitment ability of some of the older guilds in the older servers, but would cause new guilds to be formed, new galaxies to be created per server, it would all be teeming with life again. I don't support the theory that AE is dead, by far it is very much alive, but certain servers are in need of fresh players and the ability to find fresh players. You could do this per version as well. Just go down the list of servers monthly, for example:
November: Alpha, Andromeda
December: Beta, Bravo
You see?, it would bring older servers some new life to deal with.
Just an idea. It seems you have some control as to how its listed, so when you get finished working on that new game, take a bit of time to at least consider this request.


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