Galaxy Scanners

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Galaxy Scanners

Postby LoneWolf2 » Wed 02 Nov, 2016 00:21

First, yes, scanners have been discussed before, BUT, I have read through those discussions, hopefully I didn't miss anything when I say that this particular idea has not in the slightest been mentioned.

Galaxy Scanners.
A scanner powerful enough to scan an entire galaxy, not just your base region.
There would be a catch, you can only use it in the galaxy of the base in which it is researched. This research would also be only available to upgraded players, once your upgrade expires, it goes away until you upgrade again, just like your normal scanners, however, just like your normal scanners it comes back with your upgrade as well.
The function would be similar to regular scanners, but instead of seeing fleet movement in just your regions, it would be fleet movement in the entirety of the galaxy in which you have researched it.

Research requirements:
Energy 25
Labs lvl 20
Cost: 50,000 credits.
I was really thinking about the cost level, for 1.5 maybe the cost should be higher than in 2.0, not really sure about that one.

The reason for this request is to make combat a bit more strategic, it takes away the tactic of landing in a scanner free region before launching into your target, which may even cause some stronghold take overs to have to wait for stronger jump gates.

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Re: Galaxy Scanners

Postby Godlike » Thu 24 Nov, 2016 15:24

Hey Sorrow,

Personally I feel that this kind of change would make it even harder to be aggressive, and would promote even more simming. This kind of change would for example make ninja ops nearly impossible just to mention one of many.

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