Micropayments. Windows of Rebuild Time.

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Micropayments. Windows of Rebuild Time.

Postby The_Desert_Fox » Thu 16 Feb, 2017 09:16

Honestly, i think they should focus on AE instead of trying to make a old school topdown scrolling shooter. Mainly i think they ought to offer incentives to retain players and help players rebuild/stay in the game.

My suggestion is to allow micro payments to buy ingame Credits for players who have been hit. Say some criteria like: only if you are the Defender do you get the ability to buy half of your losses, 1m Credits for 1 euro, and only 1m credits per 24hr period.

FOR EXAMPLE: if you are the Defender and you lose 100m fleet within a 24hr period. The game will allow you to buy 1m Credits (for 1 Euro) per day, for the following 50 days after the attack. Use it or lose it. Does not stack,
meaning if you lose more fleet during that 50 day period, you cant buy 2m Credits a day, etc, but it will add to the time window that you can buy credits, meaning if you lose another 100m fleet 5 days later, your window extends another 50 days (50-5+50=95 days as you new window available to buy credits)

and like upgrades, other players can pay the 1euro for you. that way guildmates can help out other mates, scouters can be rewarded, and multis can be maintained :P

basically, if you are normally the attacker, you will never have access to this feature. But, if you forgot to move your fleet spawn, you might have a 3 day window to buy overpriced speadsheet space gold. Use it or lose it. And if you really had a bad day, you might get a 3-6 month window to decide when to buy some overpriced space gold.

I think that this feature would be very useful to dedicated players who have had a unfortunate event, who want an option to rebuild their fleet atleast at their full queue potential. And 1m credits is not alot. The way i see it is that 1m gets a 20k prodrate account 4 days of queues, and that it would be helpful to buy 1 or 2 million credits a week to just maintain full queues, sure you can buy more (1m per day), but only if you want to fill your tech banks with over priced speadsheet space gold.

Does this feature have the potential for abuse. Sure like all things, but the mechanics for detecting abuse are already in place via the "credit transfer" criteria that the admins look for. Also unlike other ingame abuses, this one comes with a real world payment cost, so just like shared upgraded accounts, the Admins can monitor accounts who buy credits. Also, if you do have a nice farm multi feeding you credits, you probably dont want to raise suspicion by having that account buy credits, or you buying credits for that account (they way players can buy upgrades for other players).

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