War Games

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War Games

Postby Slippin » Sat 10 Jun, 2017 19:19

Various players in Iridium have put together some alternative game play for dead servers. We have 1 option that could use feedback.

Team Death Match

Ideal Settings:

1 Region

10 v 10

Same Specs Config for both teams with set amount of fleet (to be agreed upon)
2 Frigs
2 CRs
2 HC
1 Cap
1 Fighter

Fight until one team survives or one team forfeits

No jumpgates

60/40 derb split

Active - O: [IMP], S: [2ez], L2: [R-M]
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Re: War Games

Postby Treason » Sun 11 Jun, 2017 09:31

The player base is small enough at this point where reasonably we could all agree that next server there won't be any cluster guilds or pre-pacting and we'll all just join whatever local guild we land in and we could all have this exact kind of fun. Would take quite a bit of people willing to set their ego aside though.

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