Licensed 3rd Party Bots

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Licensed 3rd Party Bots

Postby Parasitoid » Sun 25 Jun, 2017 14:05

I see in the feature request there is already a "bot action" but I don't know what that means.

So one of the moderators suggested I place a request here. But after looking at your gigantic list of suggestions which haven't been implemented, I realize that your use of crowd sourced consulting has been woefully underutilized. Since I don't have the time right now or really the inclination to do it myself, I'll post the feature in question. But because I see Cybertopia has actually ignored all of these prior suggestions and then had the temerity to request funding of Astro Legends from the AE community, I don't have any illusion this suggestion will be heard. Hope you guys have an excellent time squandering the rest of your user base.

Part of feature request I no longer care about:

What if a licensed 3rd party developed bots for use and paid royalties to Cybertopia?
You could have farm bots, defensive bots, offensive bots, scouting and JG bots.
MMO meets RTS. There's even opportunity to develop AI to simulate a regular player.

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Re: Licensed 3rd Party Bots

Postby swearengen » Sun 25 Jun, 2017 17:41

Be careful
Don't want the power tripper pulling the stick out his *beep* and swinging it around.

Your ideas sound pretty decent.
Maybe that something a new owner would look at.
Wizard needs to sell the game that's for sure

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Re: Licensed 3rd Party Bots

Postby blahblah » Sun 25 Jun, 2017 23:20

Good idea
When a game lacks real players
Then simulated players make sense

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