Upgrades: One time bonuses (follow-on)

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Upgrades: One time bonuses (follow-on)

Postby Sarah-bunny » Thu 05 Oct, 2017 09:24

Whis wrote:I remember seeing this post a long time ago, this is what I envision with a pay to win type of scenarios for AE:
Winchester wrote:Here are some preliminary ideas. I don't know anything about price points for microtransactions, so I'm just going to use letters for cost - Low, Medium, High. Some purchases will require an Upgrade, and some will be limited (X); these limitations could be quantity, must be above a certain level, limited in how many times you can purchase it a week/month/year, etc. Also, I'm going to start this with a classification system for who is eligible for which purchases.

Players are classified by tier; all players on lower tiers can purchase transactions for higher tiers. Example, a T2 can purchase anything from T2-T5. Eligibility tiers are as follows:

T1: Players with new account (seven days or fewer) on any server six months or older
T2: Players under level 30 on server that is 90+ days old
T3: Players with level 50% or below average level of top 1,000 accounts
T4: Players with level 75% or below average level of top 1,000 accounts
T5: All players


1: Instant, free outpost ship. L, T5, X
2: Instantly upgrade all techs to average levels of a level 30. H, T2
3: Instantly upgrade all techs to levels of rank 1,000 account. H, T3
4: Reduce fleet maintenance costs by 10% for one week. L, T5, X
5: One free base. M, T2, U, X
6: +10% economy multiplier for one week. M, T4, X
7: Provide access to scanners for one month. M, T5
8: Single use speed boost for capital ships - +100% of speed modified by tech, but not jumpgate. M, T5, X
9: +50% research capacity boost for single tech. M, T4, X
10: Instantly reduce production times by 25% empire-wide. M, T4, X
11: Instantly reduce production times by 50% empire-wide. M, T3, X
12: Freeze fleet maintenance cost (maintenance will not go up or down) for one week. M, T4
13: 100,000 credits toward structures (not instantaneous). M, T4, X
14: 250,000 credits toward structures (not instantaneous). M, T3, X
15: Seven days of vacation mode. M, T5, U, X
16: List of uncolonized astros (limit of two terrain types - player choice) in galaxy of choice. L, T2, X
17: +100% unit speed when moving between player's own bases. L, T5, X
18: Bases are hidden from any player more than 200% of own level unless that player has a base in the region or a fleet in the system. M, T3, U
19: Single use stealth for fleet - fleet is invisible for first 25% of flight, regardless of size. L, T4, X
20: 1,000,000 toward production (not instantaneous). M, T1, X
This is an interesting list. I had never thought about a bunch of one time bonuses, or having people pay e.g. less than the price of an upgrade to just get the one upgrade feature that they want.

There'd need to be a bunch of discussion about eligibility, setpoints and prices to make sure that the P2P "bonuses" are fun, but not game changing. But this is a nice starting point for the discussion.

I'd also want to add some things that people could P2P so they could catch up on older servers. I could really use some new blood in Iridium cos right now its basically a vanity server :scared:

essentially retired all servers... idk why anyone would play this game
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