Please reel in and fire most forum moderators.

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Ron Burgandy
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Re: Please reel in and fire most forum moderators.

Postby Ron Burgandy » Thu 18 Jan, 2018 01:42

Happy to see Zoran back; the other mods, meh. plus why should i tell you?? your the one who wants to jump in and bite the lion on the nuts
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Col. Caulker
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Re: Please reel in and fire most forum moderators.

Postby Col. Caulker » Sun 21 Jan, 2018 03:21

Back in 07, my trolling a fattie on the forums and her enquenchable desires for chocolates practically almost started a block war before block wars were cool.

I will say that since then the mods are a bit more even-handed these days....but i believe that has more to do with the forum inactivity, versus simply moderation in modHURRation of the forums. Luckily for all of us, the forserious role-playing innernet shutins have long moved on and the crop we have are pretty decent. But, again, the previous crop were inclined to knee-jerk anytime some weak-wristed pre-op panty-waist got his knickers in a knot and pass out lemons.

Hammurabi and Themis have did well to keep the wheels on, but the forums should NOT be fertile ground to occasionally validate that the warning/ban buttons work just because the commentary gets a bit blue and rowdy and some thin-skinned twink gets all butthurt and uses the REPORT THIS POAST HUUURRR! button as a blunt instrument to grind his axe.

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