Fleet ID

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Fleet ID

Postby Slippin » Thu 08 Mar, 2018 05:31

Make it impossible for spais in enemy guild to back track fleet ID.

If a spai is in an enemy guild she does not need access to DSIS or any privs. She just needs to be active and work back from most recent ids to find guild fleet on ops. Since so few fleet ids are used now a days, they can spend 10-15 minutes backtracking our use script to find op lz location relatively easy. We need a way to block this. It should be easy from a developer standpoint to hide this information or make it impossible to work backwards from most recent fleet ID. One of the broken parts of this game.

The detection time reduction is cool but it avoids one of the biggest cheat plays out there. The active spai and op busting. Please help save the game ;).

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Re: Fleet ID

Postby Lazy Titan » Thu 08 Mar, 2018 20:19

if this was sarcasm then i admit that this was genuinely the best troll post on these forums till now

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