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Postby ian8144 » Mon 30 Apr, 2018 15:08

How about ...
6 clusters of 5 galaxies each
only ships able to go between cluster without a wormhole would be scouts
every month (or 2) 3 random wormholes appear connecting ONLY 2 clusters each
so for example ... cluster 1 would only be connected to cluster 2 if a wormhole happens to exist between them
a set up like this would mean that cross cluster invasions would be rarer and increase the life of a server
even if 1 or 2 clusters became all powerfull the others still have a good chance of being free to recover till the next wormhole connects them
even then the all powerfull would still have to risk leaving ships out of their home cluster without a supply line unless a w/h existed
the randomness of the wormholes could lead to 1 cluster being free from invasion for months while another may have 3 wormholes connected to it
I am aware of the counter arguement that pre made guilds would just start in different clusters but seeing as we have that already it makes little difference

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