Research Revamp aka Research Currency

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Research Revamp aka Research Currency

Postby Philosopher Cody » Tue 08 May, 2018 19:42

The idea was formulated here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=125352

Now to go into more detail:

The goals of this feature are to 1. Reduce player inactivity for technology focused players. 2. To make other fleet compositions more competitive. 3. Make lower metal Astros more attractive.

Research Currency
Every lab now produces research currency points. Metal 3 Astros produce 6 points per lab per hour, Metal 2 Astros produce 7 points per lab per hour, and Metal 1 Astros produce 8 points per lab per hour.

6 points is justified because that is what each lab can utilize. Hence new players would not be slowed down. Now older higher players will tend to find themselves at a shortage at times because with AI technology the labs process more "research currency points" than what is produced by the labs. So this means that older players will have to use every base with labs to try to generate enough currency. Tachyon allows players to link labs, but there are always a few bases that remain unlinked and ideally those will be utilized to gain some extra currency.

Research Currency cannot be banked. Once a technology is started a player cannot cancel it for a full refund. The technology can be cancelled but all research currency points are lost. There is one exception. Within the first 30 minutes a player can cancel and get a full refund. This prevents problems with the accidental clicking of a button. Since the currency cannot be banked players will need to build more defenses to protect their currency.

Research Currency can be acquired from pillaging another player's bases just like credits.

For Upgraded Players Only
Research Currency can be given to other guild players. For Players Only in the same guild. The intent of this is for older players who have gotten high enough levels to be able to help out new younger members. Only a player higher in technology level can give to a player lower in technology.

Technology Changes
The following changes would be made to existing technologies in an effort to encourage the usage of under utilized capital ships
1. Shielding - Increases units and defenses shield by 7.5%.
2. Disruptor - Increases disruptor weapons power by 10%.

The Research Commander
The Research Commander now reduces cost of research currency needed. The Research Cammander cannot be acquired by spending credits. Instead to get a Research Commander and/or to be able to level it up you will need to use XP or Research Currency. Since Research utilizes its own currency, a player may have a Research Commander and 1 other Commander on any base. In addition the Research Commander cannot be killed.

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