Trade server = no combat game

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Re: Trade server = no combat game

Postby swearengen » Tue 04 Sep, 2018 18:41

No not usually

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Re: Trade server = no combat game

Postby Event Horizon » Sun 23 Sep, 2018 14:48

It's funny because most of the servers in this game are dead. There is little real combat between active players and basically just a big simfest. Not really sure what the difference between those servers and this proposal would be. I think this idea just exposes the fact there isn't really a point to these servers once one guild or group of guilds has established domination. There is nothing really wrong with this proposal because similar browser based MMO strategy games have non-combat servers. The difference is that in other games they have winning conditions that guilds/alliances or what have you can compete to reach so there is actually a point to a non-combat server. You win purely on your planning and optimization skills. Not everyone's cup of tea but certainly nothing wrong with it. Would bring in revenue to support game development from players who don't have time to be as active (ie. they probably have more demanding jobs that don't put them in front of a computer all day or allow them time to play off their phones...but they do have money)

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