Scanners Are Nice But Maybe 1 Tweak?

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Scanners Are Nice But Maybe 1 Tweak?

Postby RiptideWarrior » Tue 17 Jul, 2018 02:35

Okay so the scanners are quite nice letting you know of any and all fleet movement in a region so you know whats moving around. In saying that I feel like if you have a base in a region that is of importance (i.e. it has a main gate or its a blob location) it can get very cluttered and be hard to sift through what fleets or guilds are moving through them.

So here's what I am suggesting,

Just what I feel would be a tiny tweak (but what do I know I don't code stuff).

Just the option to filter out your own guilds fleets.

I feel like an option could be made to search for specific guilds or players but ctrl+f does a good job of that already.

I just feel like many people would enjoy being able to look at a scanners screen that wasn't a mile and a half long to look for a single fleet they are trying to track.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions :P


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Re: Scanners Are Nice But Maybe 1 Tweak?

Postby Death Smurf » Tue 17 Jul, 2018 08:53

So, this is a two fold answer as it were.

First, let me address it if you had scanners and you were checking for an incoming fleet to the blob/LZ. If you go to the main coordinates for the blob, and scroll down to the bottom, you can see via the Fleet Summary option all incoming fleets.


And pressing it, gets a result of what is incoming to the LZ - with the option to close it too. Clicking guild will make it all compact together via guild tags..


Now if you have bases in the area, and if you have a blob - chances are people also have scanners in the area, you can see what fleet is incoming to the area.


Now you are looking for a particular guild/fleet. In this case, this is my report from Ceti..


But selecting "Guild" (where the red arrow is pointing at), it now changes it to all guild's in order eg:


There is no need to do a "tiny tweak". All you have to do is press a couple of things to get the answer you require.

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