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Data sharing

Postby KFCSajin » Sun 19 Aug, 2018 14:17

Include finding fleets+bases+moving fleets of United Colonies and Drekkons on their guild page? <3

I know it can already be done in listing galaxy bases/fleets...ect but you only get the list of that galaxy.
I would like there to be a list of that whole server bot.
Also as I have been playing AE for a long time and love how you did the display so far and how no button or tab is out of place...
I still think there is room for improvement.
For example the interactive map adds a whole lot to the game! It is an amazing tool and well worth the time it takes to get use to it!
(Yet I have an old habit of scrolling when I really dont need to, and so it messes me up a lot. I dont use it so often because of that. I turn it on once in a while when I need vision of enemy bases so I can get an idea on how to move about).

Now I think the interactive map is just one piece to a puzzle and you could expand on that.

Some points to build around

1> Bookmarking/eyeing certain regions which have scanner coverage to show when fleets are incoming.
2> Adding a new permission for guild members to draw on the map.

Here is some crude example:


The ones with these permissions will be able to take a color and draw, erase, or clear all on that map.
The drawings will only be overlayed once the guild map option is selected, so only those with permission see it, and a color if filtered through if you tick to see it or not.
There will be an area to write notes.

As for the scanners...
Allow people to save regions.
Then as they like they can expand them or compress them.
When expanded it will list any moving fleets in the area, just like the normal scanner would, but at least it will be right there in your face with info on the regions that are most important to the player.

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