Detection Times

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Detection Times

Postby Jake from State Farm » Tue 21 Aug, 2018 01:43

32 minute detection time for 2.5k fleet? You have the fleet and the ability to counter strike but can't remove the 400k fleet on your base without alerting him immediately. Can't we adjust this number higher as you level higher?

-Under level 10 keep same time
-Level 10-19.99 double the time it takes
-Level 20-29.99 triple time it takes
-Level 30+ quadruple time it takes

So if 2500 fleet is detected in 32 minutes under ten then
16 minutes between 10 and 20
10.7 minutes between 20 and 30
8 minutes above 30

Or if you wanna look at it slightly different 10k has a 32m detection time above level 30.

I don't feel this is a HUGE change or asking too much but I went from having to send 160 separate fleets to stay under the radar to sending 40 separate fleets to reach the same amount of fleet occupying. Definitely not a game breaker.

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