Hello players of Fenix.

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Hello players of Fenix.

Postby Illusion » Sat 20 Nov, 2010 14:41

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I'm your new forum mod, Illusion.

I have come to you from the jolly old land of Beta. I look forward to working with you all to create the best forum experience possible. Just remember to keep to Da Rules. The more you behave, the less I have to do, which gives me more time to smash my space boats into someone else's space boats.

So this thread is for everyone to say g'day and give me a heads up on who I should keep an eye on. ;)

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Rules Prevent Chaos. Be sure to follow them.
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Re: Hello players of Fenix.

Postby zoinks » Sat 20 Nov, 2010 14:43

Good luck...

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Re: Hello players of Fenix.

Postby Karsus » Sat 20 Nov, 2010 16:15

Welcome new guy.

The community of Fenix trolls whishes you well :paranoid:

Tears spread my creep!

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