Dear Wizard

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The Monarch
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Re: Dear Wizard

Postby The Monarch » Fri 28 Jul, 2017 00:54

blahblah wrote:An overhaul of the game would probably require rewriting the code from scratch
But that doesn't mean you have to close the old servers or even stop the occasional older style server release
Just that doing nothing and the game dies anyway

Starting the game from scratch without wizard and
You have one of those poorly run AE clones that we'll
With the current game you have a decade of lore
And a good base to start with


Well put.

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Re: Dear Wizard

Postby Karsus » Thu 10 Aug, 2017 20:24

I 'd totally pay (near the money range it costs to keep my account upgraded) to have the game code open sourced.

edit: Also repped lovecraft - I am still playing the game after nearly 9 years since I started it (Fenix) but it looks like a sinking ship. Couldn't have said it even half as good as he did.

Tears spread my creep!

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