Free Accounts need a buff in order to keep them interesting.

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Free Accounts need a buff in order to keep them interesting.

Postby KFCSajin » Sun 21 Oct, 2018 10:24

This is meant for the developers of the game.

I am a bit biased because I am a business student and I see Astro Empires as a business as well as a game.
I dont claim to know everything just because I am studying for it.
But I do know some things about business and some things about being a devoted player to this game.
Keeping that in mind I would like you to hear what I have to say about AE.

In order to make AE fun and worthwhile it needs more players.
AE is becoming very toxic and more polarized.
I believe we are seeing the end of AE right now because in the servers Typhon and Mystic the same teams have reappeared again and the alliances are the same, with exception to a small minority of players that do not fall into these "zerg guilds" and exception to ASAE which is basically a guild where the GM dictates how you ought to build your account and what to do with it; If you dont like it you can play AE like farmville because either way they share the same fate of being food even to the non-aligned.

Zerg tactics are making AE a bad game. They have been going on for quite a while and now it is finally settled. There are so few players on AE they either belong to zerg group A or zerg group B. At least in the older servers there were more groups to choose and those groups made and broke alliances and made the game seem unpredictable and interesting... But now no... Its a toxic mess where they each want each other's throats.

Zergs make it difficult to enjoy the game but they only exist because there is a low player base.
And the problem with zergs is they reduce the playerbase even more as once loyal players decide to take a break or give up on AE.

I am pretty sure I know what caused AE to lose a lot of players in the first place...
It was not punishing cheaters.

I took a +400 day break off AE after a terrible experience with one of your staff who replied to my email about cheaters.
If you allow cheating, players will leave.
When there are a few players they will rely on zerg tactics.
When they rely on zerg tactics even more people will leave.
When all that's left is cheating zergs they will slowly stop playing because who could play in that kind of community?
With a very very low player base and the only players left are toxic jerks no new players will be interested in wasting their time here.
Eventually you end up with a dead game.

If you stuck long enough to read through that youre probably wondering about the title.
Well here it is:

It is too difficult for free accounts to play AE under the caps they are put under.
maxing 5 anti matter and 5 MLPs makes sense.
But max 5 nanite and terraform? thats really bad.
I recommend buffing it to level 9 or at least give upgrade rewards for sharing AE on FB or completing surveys... Something where they are given a chance to upgrade even for just a week so they at least have periods to expand their base count and upgrade important structures.
I am sure there is a lot of data and info you could collect to make the game better by doing them anyway.

By making free accounts easier to play more people will remain on AE.
With more people you will naturally attract even more people.
Either by them bringing their friends or having a developed community capable of supporting and being friendly to new players.
Parts have been snipped out, as they contravened the forum rules on discussing bans/suspensions
12.1 – Warnings, suspensions and bans are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between Astro Empires and the user.

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Re: Free Accounts need a buff in order to keep them interesting.

Postby Stalina » Sat 03 Nov, 2018 01:49


In no case will I continue to play AE if upgrades are available through sharing on FB or other social networks. I do not have them all, and I will not. A game where this becomes a disadvantage, I will also not play.

With something like that you should be very careful. AE is AE and not FB. I don't want to get into the dependence of other medias, just because I want to play AE.

I also think the free accounts are fine, it's a free account. Compared to many F2P games that are almost always "pay to win games", it's a fair deal, with the upgrade everyone is on an equal footing. It's something I like about AE.

It isn't an improvement, to fundamentally change many things that are not the cause of the problems.

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Re: Free Accounts need a buff in order to keep them interesting.

Postby swearengen » Sat 03 Nov, 2018 03:58

I think you are putting alot of thought when there isnt a need to.

There should be some type of way for a player to earn an upgrade.
Even thou cost of upgrade is pretty cheap.

It would allow younger players that dont have a CC and Stuff

And if the game owners were to implement being able to get upgrade thru social media/referrals.
Doesnt put anyone at a disadvantage.

Actually he should be blasting it all over social media

Anything that draws in more players is a HUGE win for the game.

Game could use ALOT more traffic for sure

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Re: Free Accounts need a buff in order to keep them interesting.

Postby Whis » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 18:05

Topic locked as it devolved rather quickly.

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