New Scouting Change is a step in the right direction

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Re: New Scouting Change is a step in the right direction

Postby Robo » Thu 22 Mar, 2018 02:05

Its the right thing to do -in the long run -in the short run there will be unintended consequences.....
I've been enjoying the game for a while now -with an underdog guild playing a server that was "won " long ago
the only real issue we had were the "cheaters" I recently found out that this GF/EDDIE/DSIS what ever does even more than the features discussed here -correct me if I am wrong but apparently it can send email alerts! Which explains a lot! I may have reported a player for account sharing - I mean who can play 24/7 ?
Not sure why they would give up that kind of advantage .
So our new feature will hopefully reduce the number of "cheaters" but I suspect that some will always seek an unfair advantage .....
An unfortunate consequence is that where it was only a few players using some of the available cheats now all can auto scout legally - this effectively removes the fog of war that keeps the smaller guerilla guild going -Simply ask -what good is intel that you can not act on ? Who can act on gathered intel a large player with mega fleet or the smaller player who is going to find it a lot more difficult to hide and maneuver his fleet ?
Since the start of the new feature my guilds fleet numbers (pathetically small to begin with) is in steep decline -the perma occers are back led by players that seem to be online 24/7 that can some how monitor their occs closely enough to kill spawns within moments of birth and galaxies apart -we literally have only seconds against certain players. We have dealt with them before but now the game has changed --it may not be so bad on other servers I wouldn't know I don't have time to play more than one and I have /had fun here and its where my mates are -I think some of us will hold out for a bit longer but the writing is on the wall or in the historical graph ....only 1 loss so far (hard core player that is)
Having read thru the forums extensively - I expect nothing good from this jaded group but I like the game and wanted to at least put in my 2 cents
And I know a lot more about how the cheating is done - shared data base ? email alerts ? beginning to think this is not a game for a casual player that has a job and just wants a little diversion -still a noob after 5 yrs

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Re: New Scouting Change is a step in the right direction

Postby Death Smurf » Fri 23 Mar, 2018 07:47

Robo wrote:" I recently found out that this GF/EDDIE/DSIS ....... -still a noob after 5 yrs

Evidently still a noob.. Common terminology for you, the "GF" is often referred to as a database facility. This has taken the form of many different incarnations over the years, with DSIS being the most well known.

EDDIE, however, was more of a history of an account and tracking the stats on how an account has progressed. When it was retired, the owners of EDDIE were kind enough to pass along the old EDDIE archive to a select few (though we've never hosted it) since Rocky Moon went live in 2015.

Learn what you are quoting about first before posting. If you have been here playing for 5 years, you should know better what these are.

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