Fixing Permanent Occupations

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Philosopher Cody
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Fixing Permanent Occupations

Postby Philosopher Cody » Wed 11 Jul, 2018 15:22

Permanent Occupations are a hinderance to new players and/or weaker players. The person got attacked the attacker got their pillage and did their thing, now the person needs to be able to recover so they can fight another day. But when they are constantly held down they cannot rebuild.

I suggest the Devs focus on this problem. I would like to throw in some possible suggestions to get the ball rolling. After 24 hours, base defenses recharge to an automatic 25% level. 1% bleed through shields is suspended for the attacker for that base for 72 hours after the attackers last attack. Pillage amount reduction for holding the base for an extended period of time.

This game has been heading in the right direction with the autoscouting and the trade tool. I think now is a good time to tackle the problem of people exploiting their power to hold down weaker players who will utlimately leave the game because the fun will be gone.

Also level protection has to go for any account over 1 year of age. Those hiding under level 30 are exploiting the protections given to new players.

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Re: Fixing Permanent Occupations

Postby rokovos » Sun 15 Jul, 2018 08:04

Not sure how I feel about this. :think:

As I currently hold quite a few aggressive permanent occupations. Occupations are the life line to my empire, so perhaps I may have a bias against your idea. May I suggest perhaps if you are currently experiencing a permanent occupation to do one of Five things. One, build fleet that counters whatever your opponent has there. Two, talk to you enemy and see if he will be willing to show mercy. Three, persuade someone else to come and assist you reclaim your base. Fourth one is to join your enemies guild. Fifth and the last option is to build outpost ships and send them far far away to rebuild bases in friendlier galaxies.

I bet if you did one of those things it'll work. By implenting your idea an element of player interaction would diminish. Like i said, i may have a bias, so... :biglaugh:

I could see perhaps a pillage amount reduction for long term occupation based on inactivity.

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