Board specific rules – READ BEFORE POSTING

If you want to give constructive feedback about the game this is the right place (no discussing of warnings and/or bans allowed). Game feedback ONLY, if you want to discuss the forum, wiki or portal use the appropriate forum.

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Forum rules
This section is for game feedback ONLY, please don't post feature requests or your topic will be removed and you will be warned by a moderator.
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Board specific rules – READ BEFORE POSTING

Postby Ikari » Wed 09 Sep, 2009 23:40

For a full list of the forums rules/guidelines please click here. These rules are considered additional on this board to the forum rules, not a substitute for them. Please make sure you understand them all before posting.

Feedback and Feature Requests
1.1 – No flaming (insulting/rude posts)
1.2 - No Trolling (pointless ranting/stalking of members posts/bypassing the filter
1.3 - No Spamming (posting off topic/derailing a thread or hijacking a thread/pointless humor based topics are included unless otherwise stated)
1.4 - Before posting please make sure another topic on the same subject doesn't already exist.

This forum is for giving your feedback about the game and/or forum or to comment on new changes. It's also for whenever you want to make a complaint about the game and/or forum (discussing warnings and bans is not allowed). The development team will usually watch this section for the users' feedback after implementing something new to the game or making a change.

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