more threats lol

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more threats lol

Postby wolves » Fri 05 Aug, 2011 12:20

[BOD] Marius Blood Reply - Block Player - Report - Copy Savebox 5 Aug 2011, 06:40:39
sry it had to come like this. thank god i got all your JGs lmao. LOVE and RD will be seeing u guys. TEEHEE. ive been ZF d so many times in helion lol IDEGAF.

[BOD] Marius Blood Msg - Copy Savebox 5 Aug 2011, 11:51:18
u tit , RD / LOVE already have our jg's and base cords

reason u where hit is because of the threat of getting RD / LOVE, well now u have been hit so now u can get them

i look forward to meeting them

why do people always threaten to get LOVE / RD if u hit them ?
do they actually think it will stop them ?

well it didnt this time, he got an *beep* whooping

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Re: more threats lol

Postby Starlight Glimmer » Fri 05 Aug, 2011 20:58

It's lovely when weaklings pull the ''ima cry to my dad LOVE'' bs when they are getting hit, their recruitment is closed so GG you're helping your enemy who will remain your enemy no matter how much are you riding their *you know what*

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Re: more threats lol

Postby Purge » Fri 05 Aug, 2011 21:49


+1 - Hot steel rod of pwning

I am defo going to fight against Addex next time, but I do need to pray and make sure I don't end up in the galaxy with Purge, because, *beep*, that's beast. - Ghassy
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Re: more threats lol

Postby Sea_Dawg » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 00:15

LOVE doesnt have friends. Just mutually beneficial relationships.

If there's profit we will go.

Quit all but H.
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Re: more threats lol

Postby Star_Ravan » Sat 06 Aug, 2011 08:21

Purge wrote:Derbs?
They want you to derb both parties, I think.

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