SotL Declares War on Evil Hegemony

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Re: SotL Declares War on Evil Hegemony

Postby Starlight Glimmer » Thu 03 Nov, 2011 23:00

Actually pacting everyone but the triads+GOON will only imbalance the server, because there's less food for the SotL alliance, just shape up whatever players you have and if they don't progress in a reasonable amount of time then weed them out and take them for yourself.

No value in having over 200 players if over half of them are 3+ inactive/sim.

You could pact the good guilds, with some restrictions like ''if I can get over 1.5 ratio then I'm allowed to hit your guildies'' that sure would do a lot to help.

No offense to anyone but it seems to me that the people involved in this alliance are the people who have been zero fleet'd since the triads were formed, it has come to my mind at one time I have to admit, but that was when I too got derbed, I am being careful now, you guys should take care too.

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