Soul Searching and HIV

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Re: Soul Searching and HIV

Postby PowerVerde » Sat 14 Jul, 2012 05:21

Glaurung wrote:30% of LOVE is former HIV there also former 187 and 5150 so thats no [stx] at all.

Hey, i resent that comment of yours!!!

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How come u forget the best guilds that ever were in 09? (untill LOVE invaded :whisle: )

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Re: Soul Searching and HIV

Postby Glaurung » Mon 16 Jul, 2012 19:50


Reading this I remember the invasion in H08 against stx on the Neptune base we hired from EPIC.With no mercy I cleared the LZ from the guarding enemy fleets, wasting about half of mine.Metabolized the derbs as whole HIV (then DFWU) was landing.Sadly and because I am so *beep* connected to my guild, later recalled to help the chaps as the tide was turning. Some hrs later we lost the battle.They didnt catch my cyclos though.As they did not got me second time they invaded. :grin:

Awesome times and respect for what was then stx. They were way different they are now. LOVE accumulated way too many scumbags nowadays.Including our own teens *beep*.

The majority of the human population is getting less and less intelligent with each generation. We hit our peak as a species right before the internet was born. Now all the idiots of the world have the power to spread their ignorance.

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