UCY war

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Re: UCY war

Postby Tcham » Sat 24 Nov, 2012 20:43


What I fail to understand is why Bulldog would want to keep the 12 inactives in <<R>>? He couldn't profit off them.... and without human interaction they would weaken the guild....

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Re: UCY war

Postby fendelius » Fri 07 Dec, 2012 08:42

actually thats not true. darklord was told months ago about what bulldog was doing, and cerealkiller was told too. but obviously it only became public knowledge lately. :P

i could tell you some stories about bulldogs ability to acquire lots of accounts but we're not supposed to talkl about that in the game forum, im not sure where we are supposed to talk about it, but not here. anwyay as a guild leader its always a temptation for them to keep acocunts people quit, instead of just deleting them out like they should do. so its a flaw in the game. if they would ever go to the one master password to access all the servers, from one account then people couldn't horse trade accounts within a server because if they did they would be trading away their accounts on all the other servers at the same time.

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