we intercepted this note that $$$ is spamming our ORCZ membe

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we intercepted this note that $$$ is spamming our ORCZ membe

Postby fendelius » Sun 27 Jan, 2013 01:31

its almost hard to belief... however read on as i did not write it...we started getting these yesterday morning...

♪♪♪starts playin Twilight Zone music♪♪♪

(btw the names were changed to protect da innocent)

"Dear blah blah,

I would like to formally invite you to join $$$. You are in grave danger while you are in ORCZ. Your GM may act like he is 5 sandwiches short of a picnic but he is possibly the grand over lord of the server. As much as this might sound appealing, please be aware that he plays with people and their accounts like putty in his hand. HE will feed any of you to one of a hundred minions he has scattered all over the ixionverse if he chooses. NEarly every Guild Leader in ixion reports directly to him.

The ORCZ tag is no protection for you, $$$ will be.

Join us and help to remove this tyranny from ixion. dont and we all die.

I myself made the mistake of incurring his wrath and i am shortly to pay the price. There is no need for you to go down this line.

I say again, do not mistake his childish, semi-retarded method of typing or the fact that he continuously rambles on and on and on about absolutely nothing like anyone cares what he thinks as a sign of weakness.

JOIN $$$ AND SAVE IXION FROM COMPLETE RETARDATION....i mean domination...OF THE MIGHTY FENDELIUS (or whatever WoW childish, no friends name he is using at the moment)

blah blah (blah de blah blah)

I gotta says Armageddon orc, you are a mighty powerful man!!!"

The wolf that one hears is worse than the orc that one fears....ha ha
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Re: we intercepted this note that $$$ is spamming our ORCZ m

Postby Mr PiPE » Sun 27 Jan, 2013 01:50

Never trust an orc! They will do durty thangs to you when you log off.

I have done something similar before in the past when bored and waiting on fleets to land.

Lets just hope the 9 Orcs hold strong as a unit, and dont cower to the evil axis threats.

sorcerer_cao wrote:Do U know how much members want to kill U? Pipe

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