Dead server solution?

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Re: Dead server solution?

Postby Watonga » Mon 09 Mar, 2015 03:19

There are some really good ideas in here and not much name calling. A great start. We need a start date for some kind of trial run or else we will sit here talking about this for a month. The the CF will end and the opportunity will probably be lost.

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Re: Dead server solution?

Postby Bones09 » Thu 09 Apr, 2015 06:56

If I can chip in, we tried something called playground on Pegasus with a similar idea. Was very successful until we never did it again.

Basically take 10 players on each team with 2 mil fleet each. Go to a pre-chosen galaxy and have 1 JG for each side/guild. Each team had a team captain who chose their guys based off the volunteer list. And the battles raged across the whole galaxy, end goal is to have the most fleet standing in 3 (could be 1 or 2, but it makes sure that fights happen) equidistant systems from the 2 starting points (1 for each team). Game started at a certain time and ended after 3 days.

Lot of fun crashes were had, late nights, and *beep* talking. Easy rebuilding and quick turn arounds and ability to have concurrent games whenever people are active.

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