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Re: WL²

Postby Echillion » Fri 03 Sep, 2010 05:12

deckra wrote:Good job echilion, when 31337 withdraws you guys will get farmed into nonexistance.

and also good job at missing the point of the topic unless you were just purposely derailing it :)

got one problem with the OP....you said they were releasing at loss but your examples were 0 loss...joke topic?
SO BE IT-Least I wont be going into V-MODE,And I'll take a few of them with me,and unlike WL I dont have only 1 lvl of Disrupters on my bases,some of them didnt even have that!.

And the topic was WL cheating by freeing itself with its multis and I was commenting on actual events that led to them freeing themselves so who's not on topic?.So Your either in WL or You wannabe? or You just dont like me posting in the forum? which is it?

I couldn't resist!,mate :wink:

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Re: WL²

Postby Pasternak » Fri 03 Sep, 2010 05:36

Make a ticket ingame if you think someone is cheating, not a post on the forum. Thanks.


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