Ability to lead: A Juno story.

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Ability to lead: A Juno story.

Postby Logans Run » Fri 13 Apr, 2018 03:53

Professional Trash wrote:I would definitely be down to take part in something like that. I highly doubt I’m in any position to be a leader though.

(Beware, folksy wisdom incoming!)

My father..Master Salesmen that he is, always wanted to push his self-improvement books on me. Almost always, i resist. Actually the only one i can recall reading is The Richest Man in Babylon..and im now reading Dale Carnegie: How to win friends and influence people.
(May do a book report on him in review section later..but im only on page 25)

As Dale is pounding one fact into the readers head over n over so far..and i expect farther then page 25 is; its better to motivate ppl with praise rather than critiquing them.

I did this in Juno to let our small guild survive amongst Giants.
Ofc..i had a good CO-GM by name of Vortex Mandreal. Who had some good pull with old school players as well.
But as us two who started off in Vortex's brand name of [JUMP] guild, i did most of the groundwork of diplomacy with the ppl around our Galaxy.
The ppl who would form a decent size guild called [SCUD] (way bigger then us of about 8-10 ppl at that time)

I had the ability to simply "chat ppl up..make em laugh." Get them to like you. Not that i wanted something in return (at first), ...im just a chat 'ho.

So i had friends in Scud. Later, for reasons i cant remember, they joined the conglomerate known as [FLOW]. Flow was born from the 40s. I had no words with them. These guys were the 50s Flow. I knew many of them. And sometimes in those early days, they would hit us. Some guy that was new around 50s.

But i was able to get an "unspoken pact" with the 50s Flow guys that lasted a long long time. Basically i fed them info on any outsiders fleets coming around we in Jump couldnt handle. Or..sometimes feed em fleets we COULD handle. All in the spirit of mutual assist..mutual protection.
Later..[Final] (backed by 1st/Protos) started making headway bases into low 50s. But those guys were easier to get a real pact with. Basically nice guys.
Flow was too difficult to get a pact on paper with because..the bosses were in 40s..and Jump was too small.

But i let our guild know: we are to be friendly to both. Both may tag here and use our jgs if needed. (They were not really needed)
And also let it know that we are not report here..or to Flow or Final any fleet movements we see of either side.
See..they hunted each other. Mostly it was Flow beating up on Final though. But not too often.

Point is, we stayed neutral in that affair. We survived by us being cool to our big neighbors. We were only @20 ppl but it just goes to show, from small beginnings, bigger things can happen.

..it didnt in my case. I basically got hot headed once and retaliated on a 40s flow guy who hit a Jump guy and yeah..Jump then sorta died.
Sad ending..lol. Moral of THAT story is: dont lose your cool.

Leading is nothing more then communicating effectively. If your nubs are building on crap astros, dont yell at them first off. Maybe ask em why they are doing it. ..then explain nicely that they are being retarded. Praise ppl often when warranted.
(Scouters, good hits..etc)
That works for rl. In AE, it also helps if you have no life and could play 6-8 hrs a day like i could back then.

Ive played with many other GMs since then. The ones i never wanted to play for again are the ones who were straight dicky to troopers.

Retired finally yay! \o/
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