Bout that time

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abnormal soldier
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Bout that time

Postby abnormal soldier » Thu 26 Dec, 2013 00:02

No big message, AE has gotten repetetive and boring. And the few servers a loved are dead for no reason, other than everyone being inactive. So i've finally decided to quit this game and enjoy life. Sorry for those Amigos that had to feel my wrath, hopefully Amigo will finally start getting active again like it once was.

We were totz the best guild on the server back in the day, (who didn't multi).

Later Lyra, Ya'll have fun, and Jacob, try not to kill the server anytime soon :whisle:
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Re: Bout that time

Postby _theo_ » Thu 26 Dec, 2013 14:06

:nonono :nonono :nonono

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Re: Bout that time

Postby OneZeroHero » Fri 27 Dec, 2013 00:17

the grand plan is starting too fall into place :paranoid:

hehe enjoy RL buddy, i'll escape too one day :D

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Gasai Yuno
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Re: Bout that time

Postby Gasai Yuno » Tue 31 Dec, 2013 05:09

Sporting blames me for this btw.


I obviously hackz all the accountz!

Now watch me sui theo into gamblor...

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