Dear Belwar

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Re: Dear Belwar

Postby Burgess » Fri 08 Jan, 2016 16:14

There is so much hurt here

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Re: Dear Belwar

Postby Trolll » Fri 08 Jan, 2016 19:55

Burgess wrote:There is so much hurt here
Nothing's changed. :3

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Re: Dear Belwar

Postby FrostyGoblin » Sat 09 Jan, 2016 01:02

swearengen wrote: Yea cause you know for a fact they actually looked at it
You are such a tool lol
And you know for a fact that they didn't?

Can you be slightly more hypocritical please.
GundamMerc wrote: Again, I never said that was the case here, just that FrostyGoblin is doing his usual things of making assumptions of what goes on rather than having a skeptical mindset. I don't think this was a case of the evidence being worthwhile either, but I'm not assuming that this is definitely the case when in fact I have no information on what was reported. Neither does Frosty for that matter.
This entire discussion is entirely pointless because we can't know whether or not they reviewed the reports. However considering the fact that just last server I was banned for being in the same guild as supposed multies I can tell you that Admins aren't really leniant on bans. I have no doubt that if evidence was substantial enough bans would occur. However since we can't know what the admins do there is literally zero incentive to discuss this besides being a sore *beep* loser. Once again it's *beep* like this that makes the discussion about cheating a no no.

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Re: Dear Belwar

Postby swearengen » Sat 09 Jan, 2016 04:49

Oh so u got banned for something ya didn't do

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